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Here are the actions of Hotele Diament related to Covid-19

I. Discover our health and safety policies applicable to our guests and employees:

To ensure the safety of our guests and employees we decided to follow the rules presented below:, all hotel employees and third party contractors must abide by the following rules before starting work:

  • All hotel employees and third party contractors check their temperature, using a contactless thermometer, in a designated location at the hotel;
  • All employees and contractors are allowed to work only if their temperature is not higher than 38℃ and they do not present other symptoms, such as: cough, runny nose, breathlessness, trouble breathing;
  • Employees whose temperature exceeds 38℃ or who present symptoms such as cough, runny nose, breathlessness or trouble breathing are not cleared for work and are recommended to take actions in accordance with the regulations provided by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS);
  • All hotel employees and our suppliers must submit their written health check assessment. Submitting this assessment is mandatory for employees to be admitted to their workplace;
  • The hotel management is obliged to systematically verify the health condition of subordinates and provide help if necessary;
  • We follow our safety policy. To protect our health, our employees are obliged to use personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks and gloves. These rules vary depending on the type of workplace. We have implemented numerous precautions to protect the safety of our guests, i.e. special protective screens in the reception, and easily available antibacterial gel;
  • To ensure safety in our hotels and restaurants all hotel employees and suppliers are required to systematically use disinfectants during their working hours;
  • We follow the rule of keeping minimum 2 meter distance between all individuals including employees and guests;
  • We regularly disinfect and ventilate hotel spaces.

II. Generally accessible areas (corridors, halls, lobby, restrooms):

  • All hotel employees and guests must wear masks in public areas (in accordance with the regulations provided by GIS at;
  • We operate in accordance with government guidelines available at (regarding hotel activities);
  • The same hotel area also holds hand disinfectants and instructions on how to disinfect hands, in accordance with government recommendations;
  • Halls and corridors are disinfected with approved cleaning agents and tools;
  • Public hotel restrooms are regularly and thoroughly disinfected;
  • Hand washing instructions are available in visible places in each public hotel restroom;
  • Restroom entrances are equipped with disinfectant gels and instructions on how to disinfect hands, in accordance with government recommendations;
  • Hotel lifts are regularly disinfected in accordance with the regulations.
  • Entrances to lifts are equipped with disinfectant gels and instructions on how to disinfect hands, in accordance with government recommendations;
  • Buttons on intercoms, lift panels and lift call buttons are covered with regularly replaced protectors;
  • A limit of maximum 2 people using lift is enforced in order to maintain the recommended distance (does not apply to people from a single household);
  • Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, reception counter tops, tables in public areas, banisters, are regularly disinfected;
  • Public areas are regularly ventilated to ensure a better fresh air circulation;
  • Hotel management frequently verifies the quality of public areas disinfection;

III. Reception area:

  • The reception area holds information on the number of people who can stay in it in a given time;
  • For each reservation we provide a facial mask per person (mas. 2 people per room). Additional masks are available for purchase at the reception store.
  • To ensure the safety of our guests and employees, special protective screens were installed in the reception area;
  • Hand disinfectant gels are available in each hotel reception for our guests in easily accessible places;
  • Special safety areas have been created in front of the reception desk, to ensure that a safe distance of min. 2 metres is maintained between the guests;
  • Check in and guests registration are shortened to ensure the guests stay in the reception area for as little time as possible;
  • For health and safety reasons our guests must have their body temperature checked with a contactless thermometer before their registration. If the result is higher than 38℃ or the guest presents visible symptoms, such as cough, runny nose, breathlessness or trouble breathing, our employee can refuse to check in the guest, however the temperature check should be repeated to ensure a correct result. In each such case, the employee is required to prepare documentation and fill in a statement providing reasons for check-in refusal. The hotel management is notified at all times;
  • We encourage our guests to use cash free payment methods, including “BLIK”. Our payment terminals are covered with regularly replaced protection films;
  • Pens used by our guests to sign register cards are disinfected after every use;
  • Room key cards and keys are disinfected after each use. We have implemented a system of 72-hour quarantine for keys and cards. All keys and cards can be used again only after that time;
  • Sanepid (sanitary and epidemiological station) phone number and the nearest pharmacy address are available at the reception desk;
  • Guests are systematically informed about applicable safety procedures. All latest information is also displayed on monitors at reception areas and on the hotel information channel;

IV. Room area:/room quarantine/:

  • We introduced rotational room rental system to ensure the safety of guests and employees. It follows the rules below:
    • Rooms are cleaned only 24 hours after guests left the room;
    • Our booking system blocks each room for 24 hours once the guest checks out. This ensures the time to prepare the room and conduct thorough disinfection before the next guest’s arrival. Our hotels apply ozone disinfection;
    • We have implemented a special rule of guest allocation to minimize the number of guests on each floor and corridor area, in accordance with the recommendations of the Ministry of Development at;
    • Rooms are disinfected with certified cleaning agents and approved tools;
  • Our towels and sheets are cleaned by dry-cleaner’s certified by the National Institute of Hygiene (Państwowy Zakład Higieny). The entire cleaning process occurs at minimum temperature of 60°C;

V. The restaurant/bar area

VI. Conference area:

  • Conference rooms are available on terms described by the current legal regulations documented here:;
  • Conference rooms entrances are equipped with hand disinfectant gels for conference participants;
  • Prior to each conference, our staff disinfects tables, chairs, TV and projector remote controls, flipcharts, markers, coat stands and other conference room equipment;
  • Conference rooms are ventilated to ensure proper fresh air circulation before and after each event;
  • Movable wall panels and air conditioning control panels are covered with regularly replaced protectors in conference rooms;
  • We introduced rotational conference booking system to ensure the safety of conference participants as conference area is used only after 48 hour gap.

VII. Kids Club area:

VIII. Fitness Club:

IX. Wellness area:

  • Wellness area is available with local guidelines (;
  • In our Spa & Wellness zones, we implement a government recommendation regarding safety rules;
  • Information about maximum number of people allowed in Spa & Wellness area at any given time is provided at the entrance;
  • Safety zones to maintain social distance are provided at the entrance. Our staff controls the number of guests and issues locker keys. Using facemask is mandatory at all time, excluding swimming, bathing and saunas;
  • Guests with any infection, specifically acute respiratory infection are prohibited from using the Spa & Wellness area;
  • Disinfecting gel is provided at the entrance, in the lavatories and in the showers;
  • Changing rooms and all common areas are regularly and thoroughly disinfected as per official government guidance;
  • Maximum four people per one swimming track is allowed;
  • All of our personnel performing SPA treatment use facemask or face shield. It is mandatory for our guests to use facemask while in the treatment area;
  • Using of mobile phones while in the treatment area is prohibited;
  • Our SPA & Wellness treatment areas are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and ventilated on regular basis.

X. Summary

  • All regulations issued by GIS and WHO apply to all hotel guests and employees. We follow up on the effective regulations to ensure all important updates are shared with our guest and employees;
  • To ensure the highest safety standards our employees receive regular training. The training is delivered by specialist identified within our organization;
  • The safety of our guests is the main focus of our employees. By following the above rules and regulations you assure everyone’s safety;
  • Hotele Diament S.A regularly review and update the content of this page in line with any new regulations issued by GIS and the Polish Government applicable to hotels.
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