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There are 8 air-conditioned conference halls which enables the organisation of every conference, training, symposium or business meeting.

Conference roomSurface      
Sala Cesarska400 m2500250150360--
Sala Kirasjerów80 m270504045--
Sala Artylerii63 m250303035--
Sala Oficerska95 m280504550--
Sala Grenadierów55 m240222035--
Sala Husarska30 m220101212--
Sala Dragonów19 m215101010--
Salon Generalski/VIP40 m225151520--


All halls are equipped in an Internet access, overhead projectors, screens, flip-charts and the Cesarska Hall additional in professional audio-visual equipment and a stage with wide access form outside (cars may drive in).
The whole area of banquet-conference halls amount more than 1200 m2 and guarantee a space for up to 800 people.

Michał Semeniuk Kierownik Regionu Sprzedaży
Monika Dudek acting as the Head of the Sales Department
Krystian Banasiak Sales Specialist

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