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Would you like to organize a dream wedding reception in an extraordinary banquet hall? At Hotele Diament we make sure that every bride and groom’s dreams come true and we create elegant events. Check out why it is worth deciding to organize a wedding reception at our hotels. There are plenty of reasons!

We identify groom and bride’s needs

Would you like to organize a wedding reception at our hotel? Make an appointment. We are happy to arrange this important day with you. We will carefully listen to find out what your needs are and we will discuss all ideas. We put effort to meet groom and bride’s needs. We are there for you at any stage of wedding reception preparation.

Good location is the key to success

Would you like to organize a wedding reception in Upper Silesia or Wroclaw? Our hotels are located in the center of these locations. With professionals at hand, your wedding reception can be organized in Katowice, Chorzow, Siemianowice Ślaskie, Zabrze, Ustroń and Wrocław. We make sure that the hotel surroundings are pleasant and enjoyable for our guests.

Wesela w Hotelach Diament
Odzobiony stół poczas uroczystości weselnej w Hotelach Diament

Elegant interiors

Would you like to organize a wedding reception in elegant and charmful interiors? Our hotels have exquisite banquet halls which, accompanied with wedding decorations, create an ideal venue to celebrate with closest relatives this wonderful day. You can find the biggest banquet halls in Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace in Chorzów near Silesia Park, Hotel Vacanza in Siemianowice Śląskie and Hotel Diament in Zabrze. In the last years smaller celebrations have become more popular. We are willing to organize such private wedding receptions in our restaurants, offering elegant and unique cuisine.

Best culinary experience for your guests

We are aware that culinary experience is important during wedding receptions. We do our best to serve dishes that meet all guests’ expectations. You can choose various menu options which are adjusted to organizers’ preferences. Our cuisine is a fusion of modern flavors and traditional Polish cuisine. All dishes served during wedding reception are discussed with bride and groom and they are in line with the wedding reception theme and guests’ preferences. We will make sure that your wedding reception is full of taste!

We have necessary experience in wedding reception organization

We have been organizing wedding receptions for many years and gained the valuable experience. There is an individual approach to every bride and groom to make sure that they feel special that day. We are open for any proposals connected with wedding reception organization. When preparing interior decorations and menu, we rely on the current trends in the wedding industry and our experience. Professionals will take care of organization and service during your wedding day.

Para Młoda na weselu w Hotelach Diament
Odzobiony stół poczas uroczystości weselnej w Hotelach Diament

We are open for out-of-the-box solutions

Every groom and bride dream about this special day. We are here to help them make their dreams come true. We offer various custom solutions. At our hotels you can hold wedding ceremony or implement other elements important for you. We can also offer rooms for the guests and newlyweds. We offer also multimedia services, as we know that this is another important element during the event.

Learn about our banquet halls

Wedding reception in Chorzów

Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace**** is located in the direct vicinity of Silesia Park at the border of Chorzow and Katowice. The biggest banquet hall in this property allows to organize a wedding reception for up to 450 guests. In these elegant and spacious interiors your guests will feel special and comfortable. Cesarska Hall i san elegantly ornamented interior which can be easily adjusted to the theme of the reception and it looks very good in photographs. The hall layout at Hotel Diament Arsenal Palace allows creation of separate zones for the guests. Dish serving options can be adjusted to groom and bride’s preferences. The hall setting is in line with the event theme and number of guests.

Check availability: phone.: +48 32 606 (spread) | arsenal@ (spread)

Chorzów | ul. Paderewskiego 35

Wedding receptions in Siemianowice Śląskie

Hotel Diament Vacanza Siemianowice*** is located among other towns in Silesia and it takes only a few minutes to reach it from Katowice. It is also a perfect option for grooms and brides who host guests arriving from other locations, as the hotel is close to Katowice airport. The Troja Hall can accommodate up to 220 guests. The elegant and spacious interior is complimented by a terrace which is a great solution, especially in spring and summer when wedding receptions are held most willingly. Wedding reception at Hotel Diament Vacanza is a guarantee of an elegant event and excellent cuisine.

Check availability: phone:+48 32 606 (spread) | vacanza@ (spread)

Siemianowice Śl.| ul. Olimpijska 4

Wedding receptions in Zabrze

Park Hotel Diament Zabrze**** consists of a few banquet halls. We recommend Diamentowa Hall for big wedding receptions. Its main characteristics are: elegant interior and professional lighting system which compliments its look. Wedding guests at Hotel Diament in Zabrze can enjoy culinary shows which are the wedding attraction. Another advantage is a beautiful and spacious terrace.

Check availability: phone: +48 695 732 (spread) | kkopcio@ (spread)

Zabrze | ul. 3-go Maja 122a

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