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Spacious and modern Conference Center with a capacity of up to 250 people is perfect for conferences, trainings and interviews.

Conference roomSurface      
A46 m2452020--35
B46 m2452020--35
C46 m2452020--35
D46 m2452020--35
E106 m21104646--70
F46 m2452020--35
G46 m2452020--35
A+B+C+D+F+G276 m21004040--60
A+B+C138 m21506060--100
B+C+D138 m21506060--100
C+D+1/2E138 m21506060--100
1/2E+F+G138 m21506060--100
A+B+C+D186 m21908080--120
A+B+C+D+1/2E215 m2230100100--150
D+E+F235 m22205454--100
VIP ROOM21 m2----8-
Agnieszka Gierzkiewicz Sales Specialist
Lidia Torzewska Dyrektor Centralnego Działu Sprzedaży


Variously sized rooms with a moveable wall system make it possible to arrange the space according to your needs while complimentary Internet access and professional audio-visual equipment guarantee comfort and high level of service.

We also provide technical support and catering (coffee breaks, lunch) as well as help in organizing fringe events. High standard of service and years of experience in hosting events in the Diament Hotel Wrocław guarantee satisfaction and business success.

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