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Modern and spacious Conference Center with a capacity of 350 people is perfect for conferences, trainings and interviews. We also provide conmrehensive technical support and catering (coffee breaks, lunch) as well as help in organizing fringe events. High standard of service and years of experience in hosting events in the Park Diament Hotel Katowice guarantee satisfaction and business success.

Conference roomSurface      
Sala A40 m2301515-15-
Sala B40 m2301515-14-
Sala A+B80 m27025256015-
Sala C80 m28025257230-
Sala D40 m2301515-15-
Sala E60 m25020204820-
Sala F35 m2201010-15-
Sala G40 m2251515-15-
Sala H40 m2251515-15-
Sala C+D+E+F215 m2250808012080-
Sala C+D+E180 m2180606010859-
Sala D+E+F120 m212040408440-
Sala C+D120 m212040408440-
Sala D+E100 m28030307230-
Sala E+F95 m27530307230-
Sala C+D+E+F+Foyer337 m2380140120220100-
Biuro 118 m2----8-
Biuro 218 m2----10-
Business room18 m2----10-


Variously sized rooms with a moveable wall system make it possible to arrange the space according to your needs while complimentary Internet access and professional audio-visual equipment (retractable screen, sound system, TV) guarantee comfort and high level of service. Business Room located on the ground floor features all necessary office equipment and is perfect for smaller meetings.

Michał Semeniuk Kierownik Regionu Sprzedaży
Karolina Kiedrowicz Sales Specialist
Karolina Dratwińska Sales Specialist
Bartłomiej Adamowicz Sales Specialist
Martyna Gugała Administration Specialist

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