Elegant and spacious interiors of the Cesarska Hall enable the organisation of every reception and meeting. Due to the area of 400 m2 the organisation of any events, artistic shows, meetings and finals of contests is possible. The hall has a stage and a very wide doors that enable an access of cars to the stage. There is an Internet access, professional audio-visual equipment, LCD TV on stands, podium and microphones.

We offer a professional technical and catering service as well as the organisation of sideshows.

Sales Department:

Michał Semeniuk


Michał Semeniuk - Sales Manager
tel.: +48 667 443 343
e-mail: msemeniuk@hotelediament.pl

Karolina Kowal


Karolina Kowal - Sales Specialist
tel.: +48 723 550 657
e-mail: kkowal@hotelediament.pl

Monika Dudek


Monika Dudek - Sales Specialist
tel.: +48 603 051 705
e-mail: mdudek@hotelediament.pl


Barbara Adamczyk - Sales Specialist
tel.: +48 667 778 803
e-mail: badamczyk@hotelediament.pl


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